3 Beautiful Tableaux Decorative Grille Styles

Tableaux Styles 1

3 Beautiful Tableaux Decorative Grille Styles

To give your windows a unique and charming appearance, you can install Tableaux Decorative Grilles. These grilles are made by cutting and shaping wood substrates, and are customized to each homeowner’s desired style and dimensions. You come up with a concept and Tableaux’s highly-skilled fabricators will bring your vision to life. When installed as window treatments, Tableaux Decorative Grilles make a clear statement about your aesthetic tastes. Here’s a look at Three Tableaux Decorative Grille styles.

Tableaux Styles 1

Tableaux Faux Iron

For the classic look of iron, but with lower costs and weight, Tableaux Faux Iron Grilles are an excellent option for giving windows a rustic appearance. They create an aesthetic that brings to mind the Italian countryside. If you’re seeking ways to give your home a timeless European elegance—and at a reasonable price point—then you should strongly consider fashioning your windows with Tableaux Faux Iron Grilles.

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Tableaux Elements

For an ultra-modern look, Tableaux Elements Grilles are worth considering. These wood products are made of Industrial-Grade Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and feature Class 1 Flame Retardant certification. These grilles are exceptionally smooth and are compatible with finishes that create a metal-like appearance, without the expense of metal.

Tableaux Styles 3

Tableaux Veneer

Also made from MDF, Tableaux Veneer Grilles incorporate authentic walnut veneer and offer an organic aesthetic. Tableaux Veneer can be used above French door windows to create a look that is modern—but not aggressively so.

If you’re interested in using Tableaux Decorative Grilles to beautify your windows, be sure to get in touch with a reputable specialist. For window treatments in Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Phoenix, AZ, contact the experts at Athena’s Window Fashions at (480) 351-0360. You can browse our gallery for popular modern window fashion styles. Feel free to give Athena’s Window Fashions a call today to schedule an in-home window fashion consultation in Phoenix!

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