5 Window Treatment Ideas for Blocking Light

Block Light Drapes

5 Window Treatment Ideas for Blocking Light

Block Light Drapes

During certain times of day, it’s certainly desirable to let light into the home. But at night and in the early morning hours, you want the right level of darkness to provide privacy and optimal conditions for a good night’s sleep. Especially in bedrooms, you want window treatments that can thoroughly darken any outside light that is trying to seep inside. Here’s a look at five ideas for window treatments that effectively block out light.

Custom Draperies

By adding blackout liners to your draperies, you can maintain aesthetic value while achieving the desired level of darkness. By combining a sheer curtain with a blackout liner, you can create an elegant look that serves a functional purpose.

Motorized Shades

By choosing a motorized window treatment, you can easily set a schedule that will prompt your shades to automatically close at a certain time each night. This will also allow you to rise with the sunlight—but not until your desired time. If you’re interested in this style, a great choice is PowerView Shades by Hunter Douglas.

Blackout Cellular Shades

If you want to bring the room into total darkness each night, blackout cellular shades are certainly worthy of consideration. Their sides run up and down a channel, which maximizes their light-blocking efficiency.

Custom Blinds

For blinds that most effectively block out light, it’s best if they’re custom cut to perfectly meet the window’s dimensions. And by choosing a reputable brand, such as Hunter Douglas, you can trust that your blinds were manufactured with high-quality materials that will hold up well for many years to come.

Roman Shades with Blackout Lining

Many homeowners love Roman shades for their elegant look. However, they’re not always the best at blocking out the light. But by adding blackout lining to your Roman shades, you can attain an excellent combination of beauty and functionality.

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