Hunter Douglas Roman Shades: 3 Stylish Options

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Hunter Douglas Roman Shades: 3 Stylish Options

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The first Roman shades were simply damp cloths that ancient Romans hung over windows and doorways to keep out dust. In the centuries that followed, Roman shades evolved to become beautiful window fashions that we still use today. Hunter Douglas offers a variety of luxurious options for Roman shades, providing elegant window treatments that easily retract into neat horizontal folds. Here are three types of Hunter Douglas Roman shades to consider for your home.

Why Hunter Douglas

Solera Soft Shades

Solera Roman shades offer a desirable combination of timeless beauty and modern functionality. They feature the classic folds of Roman shades, but with a cellular design that improves energy-efficiency. These blinds have pockets that trap air, helping to keep your home cooler when the desert sun cranks up the heat.

Vignette Modern Roman Shades

Vignette Roman shades offer a particularly opulent appearance, and are available in an assortment of colors and textures, such as linens, silks, and natural weaves. These shades come in two different styles: Rolling Style and Stacking Style. The Rolling Style rolls right up into the headrail and has a 4” full fold or 6” flat fold. The Stacking Style stacks tidily below a subtle headrail and can feature a 4” full fold. Vignette Roman Shades offer various levels of opacity, from sheer to room-darkening. And for even greater visual appeal, these shades have no visible rear cords, which also improves safety if there are children in the home.

Why Huneter Douglas

Design Studio Roman Shades

Hunter Douglas Design Studio Roman Shades are made from luxurious materials and come in three distinct styles: Batten Back, Batten Front, and Flat. These shades are available in two opacities: room-darkening or light-filtering. They have an attached white liner that gives you greater control over how much light is entering the room, while also improving energy-efficiency via insulation. Design Studio shades are made with highly durable fabrics that are resistant to staining. Their combination of luxury and sturdiness make them a great long-term option for all kinds of families.

Why Hunter Douglas

If you’re interested in installing Hunter Douglas Roman shades, be sure to get in touch with a reputable specialist. For Roman shades in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, and Phoenix, AZ, contact the experts at Athena’s Window Fashions at (480) 351-0360. Feel free to give Athena’s Window Fashions a call today to schedule an in-home consultation. And you can browse our gallery for window fashion inspirations!

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