The Best Fabrics for Curtains in Arizona

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The Best Fabrics for Curtains in Arizona

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Fabrics can have a dramatic effect on a room. Depending on the statement you want to make, the choice of fabric you use for your curtains can lighten up a room, make it feel more elegant or add some edginess. As a custom draperies company in Arizona, we’ve been serving the greater Phoenix area for over 25 years and have worked with many fabric providers over that time. Due to high temperatures and intense sunlight, Arizona residents face their own difficulties when it comes to choosing the right fabric for their custom draperies, which is why we’ve made a list of some of our favorite types of fabrics for curtains in Arizona.


Curtains made from cotton are fairly versatile. Their diversity of use, ease of cleaning, and tendency to drape well makes cotton curtains a great fit for most homes. In addition, they come in varying grades of thickness, which can allow you to block the intense Arizona light or simply diffuse it gently. 

Cotton curtains are a modest choice for anyone unsure about what fabric they prefer or for someone who isn’t ready for a more expensive and higher-maintenance option. In Arizona, we recommend that cotton curtains be lined to protect them from sun damage.


Lace and voile curtains are sheer, which makes them a great option for allowing natural light in to beautifully illuminate your room. When closed, voile curtains can still offer some privacy while keeping the room bright, whereas lace curtains will not offer quite as much privacy.

If you live in Arizona, these curtains are best utilized for windows that don’t receive glaring or direct sunlight.

Polyester or Synthetic Blends

Polyester and synthetic blends of fabric are great options for anyone new to taking care of curtains, because they tend to be low-maintenance, affordable, and durable. Cotton and Polyester blends hang nice and will hold up well in the Arizona sun.  Other good blends to consider are Linen and Polyester, and Linen and Cotton. Polyester blends can be great for achieving the look and feel that you’d want your “dream” curtains to be like.


These grandiose fabrics are thicker and heavier than the other options mentioned in this post. Velvet curtains can be used to block out light which is great for windows in Arizona that allow glaring sunlight to enter into a home. Their thickness also allows them to keep warm air in and cold air out during winter. 

In Arizona, velvet curtains may best be used seasonally to replace thinner curtains or for windows that glare at certain times of the day.


Silk curtains add a romantic or elegant look to any room. However, silk curtains are easily susceptible to sun damage, which make it a poor choice for a window that gets a lot of sun. One way to get around this issue is by using a black out lining or shade for protection. 

Another option worth looking into for Arizonans is faux-silk curtains. These will make your life easier as they’re more convenient to clean and are more durable against the sun.

Whether you know exactly the fabric you are looking for or need a little advice, Athena’s Window Fashions has you covered (pun intended!). We’ve been beautifying homes in Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa AZ since 1983 by providing custom draperies, curtains, blinds, and shutters. Contact us today, our designers would love to assist you with your project! 


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