Why should I choose Hunter Douglas Gen 3 PowerView Shades for my home?

Why should I choose Hunter Douglas Gen 3 PowerView Shades for my home?

Hunter Douglas’ Gen 3 PowerView Shades have become highly popular for modern homes. There are many reasons that homeowners are excited about Gen 3 PowerView Shades, including technological advancements and aesthetic appeal. At Athena’s Window Fashions, we’re your local Hunter Douglas experts. During an in-home consultation, we’d be happy to take your desires and budget into consideration, and then help you determine whether Gen 3 PowerView Shades are the best fit for your situation. Here’s a look at five benefits of Hunter Douglas Gen 3 PowerView Shades.

User-Friendly App

With the PowerView App, you can conveniently use your smartphone to adjust your Gen 3 Shades. The app makes it easy to program Scenes, which will schedule your blinds to automatically rise and lower with the sun as you so desire. The Powerview App also makes it simple to make quick adjustments to your Gen 3 Shades, such as lowering them to eliminate a glare while trying to enjoy a movie, all without having to get up from the couch.

Better Safety for Homes that Have Children

Hundreds of children are brought to the emergency room each year with injuries related to window blinds. The biggest concern is strangulation from the blinds’ cords. This is also a safety hazard for pets that come to the window in excitement and then get the cord tangled around their neck. But PowerView Shades are cordless, making them safer for homes that have children, dogs, and cats.

Rechargeable Battery

The PowerView Rechargeable Battery wand is extremely long-lasting, often holding its charge for around a year. The wand can be recharged hundreds of times, allowing you to forget about dealing with AA batteries.

Easy Control via Bluetooth

You can easily use Bluetooth to adjust your PowerView Shades to your desired setting. Your shades will adjust quickly thanks to real-time two-way communication with Bluetooth. And by activating Discreet Mode, your Gen 3 Shades will adjust as quietly as possible.

Many Attractive Styles

While Gen 3 PowerView Shades get a lot of attention for their technology, they also look beautiful. They’re available in a wide range of styles, allowing you to find just the right look to mesh with your interior design.

PowerView Shades in Gilbert, AZ

For Hunter Douglas Gen 3 PowerView Shades in Gilbert, AZ and the surrounding area, contact Athena’s Window Fashions at (480) 351-0360. We’d be happy to arrange an in-home consultation regarding PowerView shades or any of our other beautiful window treatments. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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