Cornice Boxes

Cornice With Nailheads in Gilbert

Enhance well-designed cornice boxes with decorative nail heads, crown molding, ruffles, cascades or decorative iron pieces.

Western Cornice with Braid in bedroom
dining space with tables and chairs
living room space with large curtains
curved windows
Cornice with Nailheads over window
Cornice over window in Dining Room
Cornice Box with Nailheads and Decorative Iron
Cornice Box with band on bottom on three windows
Cornice Boxes over windows in the dining room
How to care for your curtains in Gilbert - Cornice Box with drapes over large french windows in the living room
Cornice Box over windows in a bedroom
Button tufted Cornice with Ruffle over a shaded window
Living space with a view of the pool
White living space