Tableaux® faux iron art dresses up any part of your residence, including transom windows, cabinets, large and small niches and arched windows.

S-shaped living and dining spaces with full furnishings
kitchen with kitchen counter
interior of a living space with slanted roof
living space with wide window-views into a green garden
fountain in garden space outdoors
glass-paned window with metalwork above a kitchen sink
kitchen space with stove, shelves and windows
bedroom with cot, chairs and window with shutters
basin with water taps, next to ornate metalwork on windows
bathtub set in marble flooring, in a decorated bathroom
dining and living spaces, fully furnished
corner room with floor-to-ceiling glass panes and a porcelain bath
large kitchen and dining space with floor-windows and furniture
hallway with metalwork on the walls
tableaux on large windows in a dining space
tableaux separator in the middle of a large living space
tableaux all around the top portion of the walls of a living room
tableaux dividing the living space
tableaux on windows in the living room