Add Charm to Your Gilbert Home

tableaux window treatment ideas - interior of a living space with slanted roof

Add Charm to Your Gilbert Home

Adding window treatments is an easy way to bring some extra charm into your home. If you’re looking for window treatment ideas, we have a number of exciting products that will add just the right touch of embellishment to your windows. Our team members at Athena’s Window Fashions in Gilbert are passionate about helping you create the charming home of your dreams. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Athena’s is ready and able to help you find the style and look you want.


Cornice Boxes

A cornice is similar to a valance in the sense that they both top off your window treatment. They are an elegant way to add a pop of color and some personal style to any room in your home. Cornices are hardtop treatments, meaning, the cornice is usually created by upholstering a padded board that is covered with fabric, and without any loose fabric hanging off the bottom. Made in various shapes and sizes, you can choose different fabrics according to the look you desire. Years of experience and the finest woodshop give us everything we need to make your custom cornice box in any configuration or dimension you need. You can enhance our well-designed cornice boxes with decorative nail heads, crown molding, ruffles, cascades, or decorative iron pieces.


Designer Hardware

Drapery hardware is more than just a way to hold up the draperies or curtains.  The right choice of hardware can provide decorative details that add beauty and charm to your home, balancing style and function in just the right way. In addition to bringing an ornamental impact to your windows, our selection of designer hardware is built to last and can support even the heaviest draperies.



Made to look like ornamental iron work but weighing only 10% of traditional wrought iron, Tableaux® provides a line of ornamental window treatments constructed of 100% recycled wood fiber. Designs and motifs include modern European classic, romantic Mediterranean, and even custom modern geometric designs. We think this is a wonderful way to bring a unique sense of charm to your home that will serve as a delightful conversation piece for friends and family.


Be sure to stop by our showroom at Athena’s Window Fashions in Gilbert, where you’ll find many more creative and expressive window treatment ideas. Or, contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our expert interior designers. Whatever your need or desire, we look forward to working with you to help you add charm to your home that your friends and family will be raving about for years to come.

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